Cantor Barbra officiates all services at multiple venues including homes, catering halls, and restaurants.


The steps below are a general outline of the steps and the timeline for getting started with Cantor Barbra through your Bar or Bat-Mitzvah ceremony:

  1. Call or go onto website to schedule an appointment with the Cantor
  2. Schedule a more detailed meeting with the Cantor either by zoom or in person to meet
    the family and evaluate the children in their Hebrew reading skills. Meeting also
    includes the lesson process, the curriculum, choosing a Bar/Bat Mitzvah date, &help
    with selecting a venue.
  3. Tutor will be matched with your child according to your child’s personality and the
    tutor’s location and schedule
  4. Tutor will work with your child on learning to read Hebrew, prayers, Torah portion,
    Judaic background
  5. Tutor will work with student on the speech about the Torah portion
  6. Cantor schedules a meeting with the parents to discuss the honors, the set-up of the
    service, & the rehearsal. Please note that your child may have to be taken out of school
    in the afternoon for the rehearsal.
  7. Cantor meets with the student multiple times 1 month prior to the Bar/Bat Mitzvah date
  8. Cantor has several run-throughs of the service in order
  9. Rehearsal takes place in person at the venue
  10. Ceremony

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